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International Seed Day (ISD)

April 26, 2014

ISD is an educational day to share knowledge about seed saving and planting, the advantages of biodiversity, food sovereignty and organic food.  It is the day to bring awareness about farmersí rights, the disadvantages of bio-piracy and dangers of Genetically Engineered Food (GEF) [aka Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs]

Join us to 

celebrate seeds

appreciate agriculture and

 enjoy organic foods

Activists, Farmers, Health and Organic Food Stores, Small Business Owners and Non-profit Organizations are invited to participate in International Seed Day (ISD) on Saturday, April 26

Participants need to pre-register if they wish to display their information or products on tablesFor more details or to reserve a table, please click here to register by April 10.   
There are a limited number of tables available at the event.

April 26th is International Seeds Day




Europeans & GMO
by Wafaa' Al-Natheema

'There is a great deal of evidence now, accumulated. The industry and, to an extent, the American administration keep on pretending that there is no evidence of any harm ever having arisen from GMOs ... That's a lie.' —Dr. Brian John | watch video


The History of Arabs
Bridging Cultures with Knowledge of the Past

by Wafaa Al-Natheema
November 2012

Today's Arab "Spring" and the behavior toward Arabs by easterners and westerners have made it crucial to address and understand Arab history and contributions including pre-Islamic... What we did and how we did it determine our value today, like a bank account of accumulated deeds.

Europeans and GMO
Europeans & GMO

International Seed Day (ISD)

Organizations and activists from around the world will observe April 26 as International Seed Day (ISD) advocating for patent-free seeds, organic food and farmers' rights. ISD will be an educational day for the public to learn about genetically modified food, its health hazardous effects and the monopoly over worldwide agriculture by major US and European agribusiness companies. more
2012 Press Release| English PDF

The Other Arabs
A Forthcoming Documentary Film
In The Other Arabs, minorities in the Arab world tell their stories.

This is INEAS's film in progress focusing on the cultural identity and contributions of Jewish Arabs. This film features fourteen Jewish personalities. read more | Trailer One | Trailer Two  
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