Beauty Essentials for a Traveler

The idea of traveling and getting engaged in many new cultures has gained even more popularity since the massive introduction of the my-trip-my-adventure concept back then in the 2010s. Indeed, it is always interesting to meet new faces and know different new cultures. The idea, in most cases, involves a continuous journey from one country to another which also includes sleeping outdoor and eating instant meals. It sounds like torture. But for a true wanderer, such things are the real heaven.

a stylish woman sitting on the stairs

The increasing fame of the activity has also affected its female fans. After all, it is impressive to see that those women have realized that they are not the subjects of local and private domains that have been imprisoning them for centuries. Then, as many would have expected, it is quite easy to see those solo female travelers. One thing that is even more surprising is that you would not be able to see their oily and dull faces, just like what those men expect from a female nomad. Instead, those pretty and well-cared faces are everywhere, proving that a traveler does not always mean having an ugly face. Thus, below are several beauty essentials for female wanderers.

Makeup Case

a box of eye makeupFrom the tiniest one-compartment box to the bigger one with several detailed compartments, it is vital to choose the one that meets your needs. Whether you like to put on full makeup or just a spread of sunblock, a special box to keep your stuff is what you need. It is vital not to put your cosmetics together with your clothes to reduce the risk of stains on your clothes, especially if you cannot live without your super-thick and pigmented BB Cream.

Another thing to consider is the size of the box. The one that fits in your suitcase will be the best choice as you will not need to get rid of another important stuff from your bag. For the same reason, then, wood or plastic will make an excellent material choice instead of metal. Remember, what you carry on your shoulder is your investment for your future health.


Some women cannot get enough of mirrors. The small and compact ones or those with two legs to stand on its own, they need to get the ones that will support them to do their beauty routines during the trip.