Four Tips To Choose The Best Tankless Water Heater

If you are planning to change your tanked water heater with a tankless one, or it’s your first time buying a tankless water heater, it’s necessary to look for one that will suit all your requirements. The key reason is that tankless water heaters are expensive, and if you fail to purchase one that will suit your needs perfectly, you will end up wasting lots of cash. Apart from supplying hot water continuously in your home, they also help to reduced your carbon footprint. Furthermore, they are energy efficient, meaning that they will slash your energy bills significantly. That is not all! Since they are tankless, they don’t consume lots of space in your home.

You will come across numerous tankless water heaters in the market, and the odds are that you might be overwhelmed when selecting one. Presented below are some pointer that will help you to make a sound when shopping.

Know Your Requirements

tankless water heaterOne primary steps that you should take is knowing your needs. After identifying your requirements, you will have an easy time making your selection. For instance, before you go shopping for a tankless water heater, you should know the size that you need; otherwise, you won’t manage to provide a constant supply of hot water in your residence. If you are staying in a tiny apartment, you should not waste money on the larger models. Next, you should know the available sources of water. This means that you should know about the number of sinks, baths, and showers in your home. On the flipside, if you are looking for tankless water to supply hot for your entire house, you should look for one that comes with higher heating capacity. Since it is going to supply multiple water sources, the heater should be able to produce sufficient heat. The ventilation in your home will also determine the type of tankless water heater that you will pick.

Electric or Gas

Tankless water heaters utilize either gas or electricity. Both have their advantages. Again, recognizing your demands, as mentioned above, will help you to pick the one that will suit your wants. If your house does not have various water outlets, you can purchase a gas water heater. However, you must ensure that your house is properly ventilated. On the flipside, if you need a tankless water heater that you can quickly control, you should opt for an electric one.


Tankless water heaters come with an extended lifespan of about twenty years. If you want to ensure that you buy a heater that gives longer service, you should purchase one with an extended warranty.


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Before parting with your money for a particular tankless water heater, you should ensure that you try out different models after having a closer look at their specification. This will make the process of selecting the model you need a breeze. You should never agree to settle for less. Look for shops that allow you to test the devices so that you make an informed decision. Have a list of best electric tankless water heaters to make the testing process easier if you need an electric heater.