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Europeans & GMO
Brian John, F. William Engdahl and Zsuzsa Bardocz
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April 26 is International Seed Day 
F. W. Engdahl, Vandana Shiva & Jeremy Smith
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The Other Arabs [Trailer 1]
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The Other Arabs [Trailer 2]
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'The Other Arabs' is a documentary film in progress tackling the life, contributions, and cultural identity of non-Moslem Arab minorities in the Arab world by focusing on Jewish and Druze Arabs. This has never been attempted before, a two-part series on each of these communities. INEAS is awaiting funding from interested foundations and donors. All the interviews for part I on the Jews have been completed. The interviews with the Druze community will commence in January 2010. The support of the Druze community will be appreciated to complete this worthy project. In these two trailers, you will watch the testimonies of Jewish Arabs from Iraq. Some were born there and others their parents were born in Iraq.

Vandana Shiva Interview
An interview discussing agriculture in Iraq under Bremer's Order 81
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The Fate of Iraq's Marshes
2009 Interview with
Dr. Faleh Al-Khayat
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In this interview recorded in January 2009, Dr. Faleh Al-Khayat sheds light on the project behind the drying of some parts (not all) of the Marshes, providing unique information about the history of the project going back as early as 1970s and evaluating it after the 2003 occupation.

Abdul Bari Atwan

This Video is Not Produced by INEAS
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